Warming up

Data from the European Union’s climate observatory shows surface temperatures of the world’s oceans surged to an unprecedented 20.96 degrees Celsius on July 30. This is indeed concerning as it surpasses all previous records. The urgency of addressing this trend has been underscored by the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service. Climate change remains a critical issue, and efforts to address it are crucial. Rising ocean surface temperatures have significant implications for both marine ecosystems and global climate.

As awareness continues to grow and the impacts of climate change become more evident, there is hope that governments and global leaders will increasingly prioritise action to mitigate climate change and address the warming of our oceans. Public pressure, technological advancements, and a shared understanding of the urgency of the situation are all factors that can contribute to accelerating the pace of change. The elephant in the room though is the growing economic divide between the people of the world; the rich are getting richer by polluting more, while the poor find themselves increasingly unable to combat the impacts of this excess.

Source : The statesman

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