A village road turns NH

Dear friends ! Here is a village road that has been used as NH .The road would be a thing of past soon .Read the story here to learn Why ! On 18th August the bridge between Bangalaguda and Lendiri Maliguda on the National Highway connecting Koraput & Rayagada district was collapsed .But as on today commonman had to cross the bridge by travelling a long U turn on village roads as the alternative road that was assured by the high level team from NH and the state government soon after the collapse was yet to be a dream to come true .There were lots of claps on those days .While officials in NH are officials and hence why should we expect wonders from them when they have a place of their love at far from Koraput ( exceptions are there ) . For Politicians : Koraput is a camp office .Our beloved MP also went to the collapsed bridge and expressed displeasure over the inaction .People thought that things would improve .But don’t know why it’s not done yet . Raghuram Padal, MLA Koraput has got back his position as Chairman of District Planning Board .Don’t know what plans by him & MLA Laxmipur are taking so long to restore a National Highway by constructing an alternative road / small bridge .If there was a political will a ready made steel bridge could have been placed for a temporary purpose , someone said . Koraput had great hopes on Taraprasad Bahinipati , former MLA of Koraput and present MLA of Jeypore as he has been famous for shouting about issues of the region . But I wondered if there was any attempt made by him to restore the faith of people on political leaders of the region by restoring the National Highway even within 42 days .Regarding BJP , I don’t have a name in Koraput who I could refer to even blame for lack of concern for the road & bridge .As a result of this inconvenience , the village roads have become NH and one could realise the challenges when one goes on the road .The roads are damaged for the heavy traffic .Will NH repair these village roads ! I couldn’t stop writing this as I was fuming with anger while travelling to Koraput from Podagad in the heavy rain this evening .Its 42 days and nobody sings 1942 – a love story for People of Koraput .

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