Ganja seized

Today on 24.01.24 Two number of claim cases detected (1) One Mahindra Pick up FB 1.7T XL Bearing Regd No OD 18 H 1539 containing 30 Quintals of Mahua Flower (75 sack bags each containing 40 KG of Mahua Flower) from Jagdalpur (Chattisgarh) to Tikiri (Rayagada) whereas two accused persons arrested while transporting (Driver and Co-driver), place of occurence on NH 63  near Bondaguda chowk under Borigumma P.S. (2) One person was arrested with a seizure of 18 ltrs of IDL from village Kebidi under Borigumma P.S. Both of the cases with a total of 3 accused persons forwarded to the hon’ble court. With regards

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