Government should ensure establishment of Peace & Harmony on Eclipse Day

There was so much hue and cry over eating during Solar Eclipse leading to complains in Police station .Why the state government not come out with its direction to both the Hetubadis and Paramparabadis .Now again in Lunar Eclipse both the sides have begun launching war against each other ( as was seen in TV) . Government should take a strong action to prevent any damage to law and order situation following such heated words between the two groups . If the government thinks that there was no harm in consuming food during Lunar Eclipse & was free from any side effects , it should give an order to punish those Paramparabadis who advise people not to take any food during the eclipse .If the government thinks in this direction the temple authorities should also be asked to abstain from declaring when to stop the kitchen as it would influence people . If the government thinks otherwise , Hetubadis should be directed not to do anything which may be the cause of public hue & cry .Let there be no Drama by any side on the day of Lunar eclipse .

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