How Much Better to Go to NAC from Block !

Odisha state government has announced some Blocks to become the NACs . The List includes Borigumma and Chandili in Koraput district . For being areas with agricultural concentration I wondered if it was a boon for these two places as NACs as the focus of NAC is more on urban amenities than the agricultural development . I tried to find some points to ponder on this issue . Lets see the salient features of both forms of Self Governance :

Panchayats are responsible for rural development, agriculture, and local governance in villages.

  • Panchayats work closely with local communities and can be more directly involved in addressing rural issues.
  • The government often emphasizes rural development to address issues such as poverty, agricultural development, and infrastructure improvement in rural areas.
  • Municipalities handle issues like waste management, water supply, infrastructure development, and other urban-centric services.
  • Residents in urban areas may find a Municipality more relevant due to its focus on urban challenges and services.
  • With rapid urbanization, there has been an increased focus on urban development to address challenges like housing, sanitation, transportation, and overall infrastructure improvement in cities.
  • It now on us whether to be happy in the journey from Rural to urban except for the political leaders to find a few political positions like Councilors and Chairman of the NAC .
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