Injustice to Journalists in Odisha

Dear All ! In Odisha , state government has announced packages for persons  in  Government service  to the sections as farther as Ward members as per their demands .The only species left untouched  was Journalists . Neither their demands were heard nor any financial package was  announced by the state government .While the service holders and others  demanding justice from the state  expressed their grievances & happiness in front of the camera , they too never thought of expressing concern  over the indifferent attitude by the state towards the Species called Journalists who were capturing their grievances to appreciation . We are grateful to the unions of journalists ( there are many ) for not issuing any warning to the political parties of possible  Poll coverage boycott by media if they didn’t pressurize the state to do justice to journalists . With such an indifferent attitude does the society have the rights to expect great commitment from journalists at grassroots to be true to the ethics of journalism for being the  species with least priority in the society and empty & meagre pay packages in their pocket .  However , Dear journalists ! Let’s prove once again that we are the true patriots who do service for the motherland even when the society and state ignores our  existence . Give the best coverage of Elections in the great democracy . But ask the politicians  everyone on why were they silent over the injustice done to journalists . Regards , Santakar , Koraput

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