Need to change Flight Timings between Bhubaneswar & Jeypore

I think it could be more beneficial if a little re arrangement in the Time table could be made .If the flight could start at 8 am it could reach by 10 am at Jeypore .It could be beneficial for senior administrators to take review meetings at Koraput & Jeypore .Businessmen from Bhubaneswar & Cuttack too can visit to do business from morning . Then the plane could move to Visakhapatnam at 10.30 am to reach there by 11.30 am and start its return journey at 12 Noon so as to reach Jeypore by 1 pm .The pilot and crew could take lunch at Jeypore and start the return flight to Bhubaneswar at 3 pm to reach Bhubaneswar by 5 pm . These timings also will be beneficial for senior officials and businessman to return to Bhubaneswar the same day .We request the Civil Aviation ministry and our CMO to explore the possibilities.

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