Politicians and Voters Vs Quality Education

Politicians respond to electoral pressures — what will get them elected, what will make their coalition stronger and what will give them visibility and credit. Given how elections take place in the country, the aggregation of voter choice, with respect to fairness, is an issue in itself. But, even if we put aside that matter, the provision of quality education does not come up as a top issue in our elections. Provision of local services (roads, water, sewerage, gas and electricity) and access to jobs are usually considered more important. Constituents might be concerned about jobs as teachers or school staff, but the concern is not about access to quality education for all children. Maybe, the electorate has given up on the idea that the state can provide quality education.Even with provision of more resources, we have to make the system more efficient too, otherwise even doubling the money will not get us results.( Collected from the Net resources) On the occasion of the Elections to the Urban Local Bodies could we ask the contesting candidates on their plans to offer quality education for each and every child in their Ward as a Councillor and in the entire ULB as the Chairperson .

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