Right Kind of Sadhana

Swamiji was wandering near the Himalayas some time. In the course of his journey, he came across a river. The boat had already left the shore and he sat near the shore waiting for the boat to come back. As he was waiting he saw another Sadhu, a Siddh Yogi approaching.

The Sadhu saw Swamiji sitting and asked why he was siting.

To this, he replied he was waiting for a boat.

Curiously Sadhu asked, “What’s your name?”

Swamiji replied,”I am Vivekananda.”

The Sadhu said in a mocking tone,”Oh! You are the famous Vivekananda who just thinks by speaking in foreign he has become a great sage.”

“Could you cross this river? See I can cross the water by walking on it” and he demonstrates his power by walking few meters on the river.

Swamiji showing his respect humbly asked,”Indeed its a great power…how much time did you take to get this power?”

The Sadhu feeling proud replied”It’s not easy, I had to bear the tough Himalayas for 20 years, devoted myself to penance and after regular 20 years of extreme Sadhna I got this power.”

To this Swamiji said,”You wasted 20 years to learn something that a boat would help me do in 5 minutes. You could have used these 20 years serving the destitute, the poor. You wasted 20 years, to save 5 min. It’s not wisdom.”

Source : A question Answer in QUORA

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