Star Watch By Er.Sunil Biswal , Sunabeda

The winter sky is almost like a magazine. Loads of stories, legends associated with all the majestic constellations. The stories help one to remember the constellations. Stories that were woven by people sitting around a fire place, in front of a cave, at a dark night. Stories that were born by years of meticulois observations, mixed with sound reasoning. Here I have attempted to capture in my modest mobile the evening sky as seen from my terrace today.The photos have been labeled for easy identification of the constellations and stars. Same Photo used with different labels so as not to clutter and confuse. I could have moved away from my rooftop to remove the Mobile Tower, but it would have been little taxing due to cold weather. So plz ignore the mobile tower blocking the view. Plz see the formation of Gate Way to Heaven formed by two stars of Gemini and Procyon. It is exactly on celestial equator and the Moon and other planets that have a zig-zag motion in the sky will invariably cross this region and hence it is called Gate Way of Heaven

To Listen Sunil Biswal on this and more on Star Watch in Koraput , Click on the Audio here :

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