Water security must be enhanced in India

Water resources are essential for economic development. India has 4 per cent of global water resources for its use. India’s water resources are under immense pressure.
Water quality – both surface water and groundwater – is unsatisfactory. Water contamination is on the rise due to unplanned urbanisation and untreated effluents emitted by industries. There is a declining trend in water availability due to high population growth and rapid urbanisation.
By 2030, according to the NITI Aayog report (2019), India’s water demand will be twice the available supply.
Steps to ensure water security in India are undertaking rainwater harvesting for conserving water, high water use efficiency across all sectors, treating wastewater and its recycling and water reuse, increasing the capacity of dams in the country and increasing the potential of hydropower thereof, recharging groundwater etc.
Source : From an article in The Statesman by S K SARKAR AND SNEHLATA TIGALA

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