“era of global boiling has arrived”. 

The more degradation in the environment , the less food for a growing population. Most rural communities grow their own food, but the urban society, which today is more than half of mankind, relies critically on large scale industrial food production. The 2019 EAT-Lancet Commission Food in the Anthropocene report stated: “The human cost of our faulty food systems is that almost 1 billion people are hungry, and almost 2 billion people are eating too much wrong food”. More than 40 per cent of adults (2.1 billion people) are now overweight or obese, while 3.1 billion people cannot afford healthy diets. Industrially produced food not only contains genetically modified organism (GMO) food, but also lots of chemicals and preservatives that are neither healthy nor nutritious, truly junk food. Between 30 to 40 per cent of food in America is wasted during production, delivery, uneaten or thrown away due to poor logistics or excess consumption. Increasingly, industrial food production and land is concentrated in very large corporations.

Source ; The Statesman

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