Social Media Guidelines for Doctors

The social media guidelines have been issued for the first time for doctors in India lay 11 points under Conduct of RMPs on social media :

Registered Medical Practitioners (RMPs) should not directly or indirectly indulge in the practice of purchasing “likes” and “followers” in soical media

RMPs should avoid discussing the treatment of patients on public social media or prescribing medicine to patients on the public social media platform.

If a patient approaches doctors through public social media, the doctor should guide the patient toward a telemedicine consultation or in-person consultation as the situation warrants,”

RMPs should not post patients’ photographs or scan images (ct/pet scans) on social media

However, it clarified that doctors are only allowed to share educative material.

“RMP is allowed to share educative material for the information of the general public. However, communication should be limited to the expertise of the RMP,”

Source ; Deccan Chronicle

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